Sunday, April 10, 2011


It's been about a year since I got my internship at the Peace Corps recruiting office in Roslyn, thanks both to kismet and to a good friend who pointed me in the right direction. I attended my first recruiting event last May, when a recruiter came to speak at my campus and his down-to-earth presentation helped me see that this amazing opportunity really was at my fingertips. My fascination with the organization was instant.

Despite not having any empirical evidence to suggest I would be a good office employee, I came to really enjoy and care about my job. Even more, I appreciated the eclectic people I worked with at the office, mostly all themselves being RPCV's. Their experiences, insights and even their exotic office decorations, all from a period of their life where they lived in another culture, really made an impression on me and validated my interest in pursuing PC in my future.

A year later, here I am, preparing for Africa. It's funny how you see everything working out sometimes, and you start to think, "Well, If I had never done this, then...". As H.E Situ Rinpoche said, "Everything is ultimately perfect". I would like to thank every single person who has given me support, advice and clarity during this process. Even, and especially, the devil's advocates, who have encouraged me to be thorough in my considerations. I could have never done this without you, but the difficult part has yet to come.


  1. Hi, Kayla. I saw your comment on another swazi blog. I am also a Swaziland invitee for June.
    There is a facebook group of a few of us who are going to Swaziland. Friend me if you are interested in joining/ on the FB. Here is the link, but I'm not sure that you can see everything without joining:

    Congrats on the invite!!! See you in june

  2. Thanks Emma! I just requested to join, and I am so excited for June