Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Sorting Hat aka Site Placement

As most of you know, the final installment of Harry Potter came out yesterday. And as you will now learn, we found out our site placements today! Since there are four regions of Swaziland and four schools in Hogwarts, it seemed fitting for us volunteers to divide them up accordingly:
Hhohho = Hufflepuff
Manzini = Gryffindor
Shiselweni = Slytherin
Lubombo = Ravenclaw

They set it up like a draft and called us up one by one to find our corresponding number on a big map of Swaziland. During our 'midterms' last week, we had to tell what kinds of projects we'd like to work on and our site preferences. I told them I wanted to have a winter and everything else could be up to chance. It turns out I got placed in Lubombo, near the Mozambique border. It is up in the top right corner of the country, in a mountain chain. My nearest volunteers are a married couple who, I have been told, are very awesome, but I am not close to anyone else, nor It does appear I will have electricity.

If you asked me my ideal site yesterday, I would have told you something very different. Trust me, there is a fairly large part of me that would love to watch Arrested Development before bed on my laptop and be a short distance from the capital and be nearby other volunteers. But let's be real here, I signed up for Peace Corps accepting that I could be without these things and will probably do just fine. Maybe my harmonica will even get learned, rather than just collecting dust while I exhaust my external hard drive. Ravenclaws need their seclusion anyway right? Anyone who knows me knows (and is probably annoyed by) my mantras of "everything happens for a reason", "just go with the flow", and this is no different.  Apparently it is very beautiful there and the picture I got of my hut, if covered in grass, would look straight from The Shire. My nearest major city is in Mozambique and I am thinking they looked at my file and said, "hmm Jersey girl, better put her as close as possible to the beach". I have a feeling a bit more thought went into it than that but hey, it works. It's gonna be sweet, thats the bottom line.

Random Swazi fact: Magnums. Are. Awesome. Ice cream bars, people. They come in many flavors and quiet the chocobeast for a while.


  1. We have magnums here, but I haven't tried one yet! I keep seeing ads though and they look awesome. Also, let us know how you time off and such works next year - I know Gerri/John are coming in March, so maybe sometime in summer/fall Al and I could come - we'd love to see you and Mozambique/S. Africa would be pretty amazing to see!