Friday, October 7, 2011

Moar productivity n stuff...

After a few setbacks the last couple weeks, integration seems to really be in full swing. I will just give you a little cross culture anecdote from this week. Bhuti wami has a lorrey (a truck used to haul stuff I guess) so I hired him to take me to the local equivalent of Home Depot to buy materials for my counter. He has two cassettes in his lorrey. He put on the bad gospel cassette and I asked if we could listen to the alternative, Don Williams, instead. He was overjoyed at this suggestion as he loves old country music. (tangent: I googled don Williams and apparently he has quite a following in Nigeria, go figure). So we played it out for about 2 hours and by the end of the second rotation I was singing every word with him,"they call me catfish bates cause I can catch a catfish, anytime I want to". It was dark by the time we got back but it was so fun to sing with the windows down with scenery surprisingly appropriate for the lyrics. My bhuti tells me, "this Don Williams, he sings about the real life. He knows life I am telling you". I played him some newer stuff, like Jason Aldean, but he wasn't digging it. I told him I'd work on getting old cassettes from the states. You got any John?

So I built and varnished a counter, photos to come. It was way more satisfying than buying one. And much cheaper. Then babe and I tilled the garden, which was much harder than expected. But I've got a nice little plot now all ready to plant in. The day ended with a Michael Jackson mop session which morphed into a dance session. It was cathartic and now my floors are clean. Being bored can yield pretty cool results!

Creative counter idea from Ginger


Nesting and some seedlings

And I have more reason to be happy. Despite seeing rats on my porch and...spoiler not read if you are my latrine! Yes I went in my latrine with a headlamp and saw little eyes in the bottom of the latrine. I know... But my favorite kind of rodent, the dead kind, is COMING TO AFRICA. EmaMau5 baby. Thanks to Dirk Diggs for the tip.

Random Swazi fact of the week: Never ever ever take the last bus on the last Friday of the month, unless you long for human contact. You will get more than you've ever dreamed of.


  1. Mice like 604 or Rats like Deer Hunter?

  2. Haha I'm not sure what was in the latrine. They are building a new one so hopefully no eyes soon. Although it is snake season and I'm praying my ass first get bit, literally.
    Speaking of deer hunter, stacys in Saigon. I didn't tell her it reminded me of that though.

  3. I want to see pics of the construction projects!!!! And have you started your wall murals me :)