Monday, October 31, 2011

I like my ORS like I like my martinis: dirty

Water is serious business here and varies a lot from region to region, even in such a small country. Up on the plateau, there is basically no water. I pay my family monthly to fetch water at the borehole 2 miles down the road. They go every week in bhuti's lorrey and fill up the buckets, its an all-day affair. I have tried to fetch it myself before but the wheel barrow is as jenky as a shopping cart from Target (I would know). Also, I am not deft enough to carry buckets on my head although my bobhuti want to "train" me using stopwatches and a stick. I asked what the stick was for, bhuti replied ruefully, "how else will you learn?". Fortunately, its the rainy season. The volunteers before me were skilled at rain water collection but I have not yet acquired apparati for that. Hopefully in time I figure this out, right now I have a piece of metal that sort of looks like the game Mouse Trap leading into a bucket.

This weekend was a scorcher and I became very dehydrated. It wasn't pretty. I could barely get out of bed, felt faint and had a throbbing headache. I thought I was just sick as I wasn't thirsty but realized I hadn't drank much emanti in days. I forced down a liter or two of ORS at make's suggestion and felt like a a wilted plant that got some rain. It was amazing. ORS (also the name of our fake Greek organization, members including me, Lewis "the Fratsnake" and Joanne) is a life-saving powder solution made of salt, sugar and clean water. It is the prime source of rehydration in places where cholera or rotovirus based diarrheal diseases decimate populations, often of children (the second leading cause of death in children under 5). I used to think it was disgusting but now I find it not only palatable but not so different from a martini or the taste in your mouth after a wave knocks you over at the beach. In case you are in need of this live saving elixer, or hangover curing elixer, the recipe is: 1 liter of water, 6 tsp of sugar and 1/2 tsp of salt. I'll drink to thattttt (please someone send the volunteers new Rihanna).

Random Swazi Fact of the Week: Group 9 is obsessed with Swazi food. While I crave sushi and Mexican on the reg, we all flock to the good take-away places in the cities. 11 rand for a plate of delicious beef stew. Word.

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  1. love the discipline of bobhuti!!! almost wet myself. 11 rand is about $1.35 Please drink more OARS