Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ain't no party like a Shongwe party

In America, most people are lucky enough to get off work for Christmas and maybe even for that stretch before New Years. But in Swaziland, December means holiday month. This is interesting because we just completed our integration phase and are able to begin work but everyone else is in break mode, schools are out, fields need weeding, and shops are closed a lot. Consequently, the volunteers are traversing the small country, getting some wanderlust out of their systems and seeing friends' sites, which we have been very limited in until now. It's also been fun for me to host people going to Mozambique who crash at my place before hitting the border post in the AM. It's way cooler to dance in your candle lit hut with friends than alone. It's also not as disconcerting to drink wine with friends than alone in the dark. Listening to Pearl Jam. Just kidding.

But without the tremendous amount of down time I once knew back in September, I am exhausted. Which is why this weekend, given the choice to go out with others in town or stay at my site, I chose my site. This was a good decision because my family told me that day they were having a party to commemorate certain family members that have been lost recently. As an American, I am pretty accustomed to parties having copious amounts of alcohol. Also as Americans, our collective image of pre-TV/electricity is sitting around listening to news on the radio, or maybe singing around a piano like All in the Family's intro. Not at my house. We had the epicest of dance parties I have ever been a part of. I hope my life gets commemorated like this, it was AWESOME. I was a little shy at first, but once my song, "Lento" by Professor feat. Speedy, came was all over. I will let the photos speak for themselves. Also, I would like to point out not every home stay here is like this. I happen to have been lucky enough to get a family that hosts 5 hour dance parties drinking nothing but water, couldn't have been a better match.

host siblings, cheesing like a "cheese girl"

just bustin' some moves, circa 5 PM

10 PM, singing "no fields in the morning!"

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