Sending Mail

Awesome care package items
Lysol wipes, Lara Bars, and making the most of Nutella coating everything in the box
Sending mail is very easy and will make me a very happy volunteer! A letter takes about 2 weeks to get here, packages not that much longer.

Here is my address:
Kayla Camara, PCV
P.O Box 2797
Mbabane H100
AFRICA (emphasis on the Africa so my mail does not accidentally end up in Zurich)
Make sure you put Air Mail :)

As far as provisions, I don't really need anything as my mom keeps me stocked like the Berlin Airlift. However possible items that will bring great joy include:

  • Dark chocolate
  • nuts or trail mix of any sort
  • a good book
  • new music or kindle books on CD or flash
  • photos from home
  • magazines you have laying around (economist, time, people, trashy anything)
  • non-smudging pens for letters
  • stuff to entertain the kids
  • gluten free anything! (baking mixes, pasta, Annie's GF mac n cheese!)
  • spices 
  • batteries (triple or double A)
  • acryllic paint 
  • anything that smells nice
  • ground coffee/anything hot to drink - it is getting cold!
  • a flask of tequila (sort of joking but now that i say it seems like a viable package item) 

No glass containers, this is a nutella explosion which ended up still being delicious

Thanks! If you want to receive letters, give me your address! I love sending mail:)

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